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Australia Business and Investment Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi

With its upbeat and flourishing economy, Australia offers a rich choice of investment and business opportunities. Whether it is for starting up a new business or expanding an existing one, Australia is one of the favorite destinations for investors, entrepreneurs and all those with business interests.

Stratix Consultants invite interested clients to enter our Business Program. This program consists of three categories (outlined below). To be eligible for one of these categories, the applicant should be nominated by the State or Territory Government. Only then can they be invited to apply for any of these categories. In addition, the prospective applicant should have business experience and also have proof of the required net worth in their bank account to qualify for any of these categories.

Business Innovation Stream

The applicant eligible for the Business Innovation category should be below 55 years of age. This requirement can be waivered by the State or territory only if the applicant’s business plan is exceptionally beneficial to the economy. Apart from that, the applicant should score at least 65 points to qualify. The applicant should be a shareholder in a business that should have an annual turnover of AUD 500.000 during any two of the final 4 business years at the time of applying. After landing in Australia, the applicant needs to transfer and invest a minimum of AUD 800.000 in any given Australia-based business.

Investor Stream

The applicant eligible for the Investor Category needs to be under 55 years of age and must present a business plan that is exceptionally beneficial to the economy. The applicant should have 3 years of business experience and should have a Net Worth of AUD 2.25 Million. He should be ready to invest at least 1.5 Million AUD in the State or Territory Government Security and keep those investments in place for the duration of at least 4 years.

Significant Investor Stream.

The applicant eligible for the Significant Investor Category needs to invest a minimum of AUD 5 million divided over a variety of investment opportunities, such as in Government bonds, projects, companies and trusts listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Real Estate and Agricultural Business sector. These investments need to be kept in place for the duration of at least 4 years.

Please note that all visas are provisional visas and only after meeting all the requirements of investments or successful businesses, can the applicant apply for a permanent visa under Subclass 888.

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